Kiran Bedi’s Allegations Against AAP With a Video

Kiran Bedi and Arvind Kejriwal, the main rivals in the battle for Delhi, traded serious allegations as voting took place across the capital on Saturday.

Kiran Bedi held her cell phone and showed a video of a BJP voter stating AAP volunteers were threatening voters in a poor area of Delhi. She alleged without confirmation and was quick to show an unconfirmed video to various news channels.

The video Kiran Bedi failed to show was that of a BJP Candidate who was caught red handed the night before of illegally distributing alcohol to voters. The BJP candidate Surjit Kumar was held in custody and the alcohol bottle were confiscated from his car.

AAP overwhelmingly performed better in the elections according to the various exit polls. The average poll showed AAP to get a minimum of 43 seats with a 12% rise in votes since 2013 elections.

AAP is expected to get a majority of the seats and so therefore wouldn’t need support of any other party.

Video evidence of illegal distribution of Alcohol:

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