A Kid Thinks a Sikh Man is Santa But Racists Think Otherwise

A Kid Thinks a Sikh Man is Santa But Racists Think Otherwise

A Sikh went to his daughter’s school when a young child asked┬áhim he look looked like Santa. He asked whether that was good or bad and the Kid replied innocently by Saying “I’m not sure”. This made the Singh remember of a recent incident which occurred with a Sikh cartoonist named Vishvajit Singh. Vishvajit was featured on a Facebook Ad recently but people paid less attention to what he was saying and more to what he appeared to look like. It seemed as if all the racists in the world started commenting at once calling Vishvajit every racist term you can think of.

Vishvajit took a stand, he not only educated the racists but his response became one of the most viral responses all year.
Vishvajit has been spreading Sikh awareness for the past few years through many creative ways such as drawing cartoons, to being featured as Sikh Captain America, and appearing on a number of shows talking about Sikhs.

The two incidents are treated so wide apart, where a child is asking if they Sikh is a Santa and the racists on facebook are calling the Sikh all sorts of nasty words.

During around Christmas time, parents all over the United States hand their child to a complete stranger dressed as Santa for pictures, now this person could be a rapist, sex offender, or any type of criminal and parents don’t do background checks on them.

A Santa stands for a person who gives gifts to deserving children who’ve been good all year, he rewards the good deeds. If you look at Sikhs, they are a Santa all year long. Sikh groups in the UK feed the homeless every single day in almost all major cities such as Sikh Welfare and Awareness Team and Midlands Sikh Langar Seva Society. Khalsa Aid has become one of the leading relief groups in the world and a recent BBC article put Sikhs as the most generous community in the UK.

Sikhs are more then generous when giving to their local communities yet racists still have failed to understand them or Sikhs have done a poor job telling them who they are. A recent story published by the Sikh Coalition showed how a man who had attacked a Sikh completely changed his view after he learned about Sikh values. This man now helps spread awareness about Sikhs and donates frequently to different Sikh groups.

Hopefully, in the near future when Americans look at Sikhs, they see the Sikh image a positive and inspiring rather than immediately coming to a quick a conclusion and spreading hatred.

Inspired by an Article by: Jasmeet Sawney

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