Khalsa Aid Sets up Tent to Sleep 400 Farmers

Khalsa Aid Charity has setup a tent to sleep about 400 people at the Delhi border, site of the farmer protests.

Ravi Singh, the founder of Khalsa Aid announced in a live video that the project would be complete on Sunday and would meet the need of so many farmers. Many images of farmers sleeping on the curbside of the roads or under the trucks have gone viral on social media. Khalsa Aid which always thinks a step further thought the basic need at the moment is not just langar but a shelter so that farmers can sleep without any fear of any problems on the road.

The tent was completely sanitized and comfortable beds and blankets were placed inside for the farmers. The shelter also has surveillance cameras setup so that monitoring can occur and farmers can sleep in peace.

The same tent with a partition has a place for women to sleep and fully guarded by volunteers. Khalsa Aid has also setup WIFI and created temporary washrooms for the people to use.

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