Representatives of Khalsa Aid visited a remote village in Madhya Pradesh where about 25 Sikligar Sikh families reside to assess their financial situation. Upon arriving, poor medical conditions, the representatives noticed poor living conditions, temporary housing, lack of access to clean water, and essentially no bathroom facilities.

The Sikligar families stated they haven’t received any outside support despite some attempts by people who’ve previously visited there. The amazing thing about the visit is that all of the kids are in Sikhi saroop who’ve memorized paath. The vast majority of Sikligar Sikhs are involved with metal fabrication and work related to metal.

Khalsa Aid has announced $100,000 to help support the village and livelihood of the Sikhs residing in poverty. The project will focus on rebuilding homes with bathroom facilities and providing clean water and medical facilities.

The team of Khalsa Aid has asked sangat to contribute their dasvandh: Http://

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