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8 year Sargun Singh had a huge cancerous tumour in his right eye. But due to the family being unable to afford the medical treatment he didn’t receive the much needed specialist treatment.

Khalsa Aid took over the case and flew Sargun ( with his family ) to a specialist hospital in Hydrabad. We informed Sargun’s mum that we will fund the full treatment regardless of the cost.

Since Jan 2016 we have spent £12k ! Another £15k is needed for further treatment.

Ravi Singh, CEO of Khalsa Aid recently visited Sargun Singh at home in Panjab and reassured the family that Khalsa Aid will fund the further treatment.

He really is so brave !!! He has gone through intense treatment but remains in high spirits.
May Waheguru bless him with full recovery.

We are grateful to the Khalsa Aid India team especially Amarpreet Singh ( Director, Khalsa Aid India) who has coordinated the treatment.

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