‘Kesh Darshan’ Group Response to Allegations of Sacrilege

We published a story showing a group of people shouting Sikh slogans with their Kesh open.

A person who attended the event reached out to us and gave a clarification of the event.

Regarding your post on IIGS- a USA(California to be précised) which organises camp based on Gurmat(international institute of gurmat studies) .

It’s a 10 day camp and held every year at Guru Ram Das Academy in Dehradun. During those 10 days, a day is set aside where everyone washes their hair and it’s named as Kesh Darshan. It’s purpose is to make people realize the importance and make everyone feel proud of the Kesh Akal Purakh has blessed us with.

Amrit Sanchar is held on the last day so that the effect and transformation of the past 9 days can be realized. In regards to the slogans, they were shouted so that the spirit of the Khalsa can be awakened and evoked among the children.

One of the world renowned Kirtaniy, Bhai Manpreet Singh Kanpuri has also attended the event and has been associated with camp in the past.

The organizers strict abide by the Rehat Maryada of Sri Akal Takht Sahib. The event was covered by Chardi Kala Time TV in the past and can be seen in full version on YouTube.

Around 600 Singhs and Kaurs participate in the event from all over India between the age of 13-24. There is no ‘Pakhandi Babe’ and it isn’t arranged by any dera Baba.

Once again, the ‘Kesh Darshan’ is done to make everyone realize the blessing bestowed on Sikhs by Wahe Guru and that it is natural.

The slogans weren’t shouted to ‘mock’ or make fun of but to teach youngsters the rising spirit of Sikhi.

We request everyone to learn more about the camp and not base it’s impact on just a shot clip but rather understand what goes on in the entire ten days.

The event has transformed the lives of youngsters and is in all respects for the goal of promoting Sikhi to young kids.


Jasvinder Singh

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