Kerala Shows Appreciation for Punjab Farmers

The Kerala farmers who grow pineapples have sent a truckload to Delhi to show support the farmers protesting. The act comes as a thank you after Sikh organizations such as Khalsa Aid and others came to the rescue of the Kerala people during the massive floods few years back.

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The Kerala farmers say they stand in solidarity with those protesting at the borders of the Delhi and it is an expression of support to their cause. An estimated 20 tonnes of pineapples were sent by the Pineapple Farmers Association which was flagged off by the Kerala Agriculture Minister VS Sunil Kumar in Vazhakulam, a village in the town of Enakulam District, also known as the Pineapple City.

The Kerala farmers stated the Punjab farmers represent the best interests of the entire agrarian community in the country.

The Asia’s largest pineapple market and research center is located in Vazhakulam.

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