In his 33-minute speech in Hindi, Delhi Chief Minsiter Arvind Kejriwal appealed to the people to end family politics. “Once a progressive state, Punjab is now on the brink of ruin. The Badals have destroyed it in 10 years. Known to feed the entire country, farmers are being pushed to suicide,” he said.

Accusing Revenue Minister Bikram Singh Majithia of running a drug trade, Kejriwal assured the gathering that upon forming the government in Punjab, he would send Majithia to jail.
“The entire Punjab says Majithia is running the drugs trade, but the Badal government is not acting against him,” said Kejriwal.

Calling the Badals goons, Kejriwal said he did not fear them. “When Badals’ tau ji Modi could not harm me, despite a CBI raid on my office, why should I be afraid of the Badals? Some people fear that the Badals will lodge fake cases against them, but I tell you that they have just a year in office and we will cancel all fake cases after coming to power,” Kejriwal announced.
video: ABP Sanjha

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