Arvind Kejriwal visited Sri Harmandir Sahib on Friday where he announced the cities of Amritsar and Anandpur Sahib would be declared as ‘holy cities’ if the AAP wins the Punjab Assembly elections. Arvind Kejriwal will be campaigning in Punjab for the next five days. He told members of the press that the drugs and corruption in the state has reached an unimaginable level and it’s time to combat the major issues facing Punjab.

He also wanted to make the city of Amritsar as liquor free and non-veg free.

The Punjabi Tribune quoted Arvind Kejriwal saying:

“Amritsar is an important city of Punjab where the Golden Temple, Durgiana temple and Ram Tirath temple are situated. The Golden Temple is a place where not only Sikhs but people from all other religions come to pay obeisance. It is visited by devotees from all over the globe. The AAP, after coming to power, would make it a holy city. Alcohol, meat items or tobacco products would be prohibited in the walled city area. Similarly, Anandpur Sahib would also be revamped accordingly,” he said.

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