Arvind Kejriwal addressed the controversial picture with Jagdish Tytler. He stated that Tytler put his arm forward and he shook his hand like he did with people from other parties.

Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party convener Arvind Kejriwal on Saturday promised to rid Punjab of drugs “within three or four months” if his party came to power in the state next year.

Kejriwal, who began his 5-day tour to the state on Thursday, visited Majha region, a hub of drug abuse, and accused the ruling SAD-BJP of patronising the drug mafia. He warned no one will be spared.

“The supply and sale of drugs cannot happen without support from the top. We will ensure the harshest punishment to them,” Kejriwal told reporters at the house of Jagir Singh, a 60-year-old farm labourer who lost one of his sons to drug abuse a few years ago. Jagir’s other son is in jail for possessing drugs.

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