Arvind Kejriwal did something rather unexpected. He surprised Sikh sangat inside Rakab Ganj Gurdwara by showing up to the Kirtan Darbar being done by Akhand Kirtani Jatha. The unexpected visit took the sangat by surprise as no one expected him to arrive at midnight to partake in Kirtan and sitting along with everyone else without security.

Rehansabhi Kirtan is when Sikh Sangat sings shabads in unison through the night and into Amritvela. It’s one of the most blissful events for those who’ve witnessed it.

Arvind Kejriwal’s attendance at the Rehansabhi Kirtan is one of the first by any major politicians in the world. Many on social media are stating that he did a political stunt. However, no politician will show up without notifying the press to gain publicity. Arvind Kejriwal showed up without security and without any press and sat along with the sangat to witness and hear the praises of Wahe Guru.



Jarnail Singh Journalist and AAP MLA broke the news on social media:

Arvind Kejriwal at Akhand kirtan samagam, Rakaab Ganj sahib.

When day before yesterday i was talking about akhand kirtan samagam and my unavaiability due to thay he was curious to know more and instantly asked me if he can attend? Told him clearly, there wouldn’t be speech or robe of honor. Doesn’t matter-he replied. Came at midnight 12.05 with wife, stood in line for 15 to 20 minutes for matha tekna and than listened gurbaani as an ordinary disciple. No announcement of his presence was made and even no designated place was secured for his sitting, sangat was just amazed with his simplicity. He was presented with gurmat literature outside the Bhai lakhi shah vanjars hall. While going back i asked if it was inconvenient? “No, i just enjoyed the bliss and atmosphere”.- he replied.

“A few said Arvind should not attend kirtan samagam’s. My reply. by Jarnail Singh
“1. I am a politician. Should i not go to kirtan samagam’s with my family? 2. What Akbar did by visiting Dhan Guru Amardaas ji darbaar. Was that wrong?3. Why Guru Arjan Dev ji gave shelter to shahjada khurram when he visited him.4. Do politicians have to left all the “dharam” they have in themselves?.5. Why Kejriwal can not be part of “sangat” as you have said “sangat aave”. He didn’t made any speech or honored with siropa, never asked for?6. Why Guru Gobind Singh sahib supported Bahadur shah in wars for mughal throne?7. Why there are two nishaan sahib of meeri and peeri at Akaal takhat sahib? 8. If a politician visits as a disciple or shardhaloo and dnt ask you to change maryada or even not asked a specific place for sitting than how should be blame him? 9. Why so called kirtaniyas goes to politician’s invite to perform kirtan at their houses and samagam’s even to help them during election? 10. Did Arvind Kejriwal asked for $ for visiting gurdwara or to be part of sangat.? 11. Tomorrow you will say paapi, manmatiye should not come to gurdwara sahib to listen to kirtan. Where they should go? 12. Guru Nanak sahib went all over the world to teach truth, visited many kings (read janam sakhis),. here you say politicians shouldn’t come?… waiting for reply….”

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