Via Portraits of Sikhs

“Being born into a household filled with Gurbani is a blessing. Coming to college has made me realize that it is not easy to follow the path of Sikhism.

I left my home and went to a college, out of state, where there is not a single Sikh. So, when people ask me why I can’t cut my hair or shave or to explain what Sikhism is, it is not easy for me to tell because they have never heard about it before and it is not a topic that can be explained in 5 minutes.


However, this is not the only problem with being the only Sikh at college. If I knew another Sikh that went to my college, I could have someone that I could have things in common with. Other problems include partying, drinking, smoking, etc. Everyone likes to party and have fun, but there are things that people like to do in order to have fun.

At every party, people are smoking and drinking and they like to offer other people to do the same. So when I go to a party and am offered to smoke or drink, I say no. Even after saying no, people still pressure me to do it.

At a point, I feel like I’m going to cave into drinking because of all the peer pressure, but as soon as I look down at my hand and see my Kara, I come back to reality and realize that what I’m about to do is wrong.

I think about how I was brought up and that I was taught better than this. If I was not brought up learning Gurbani, then I would have probably caved in. But the teachings of the Gurus have shown me the right path. I thank Waheguru every day for giving me the life that he has blessed me with.” – Prableen Kaur

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