Video: A Kaur during a protest against Sacrilege of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji spoke out against how Punjabi singers are posting videos from their homes and not partaking in protests. The Kaur responded to Babbu Mann’s video where he says he expresses his feelings through songs. Babbu Mann Had stated “It’s not important for me to always respond to incidents. I express my views through my songs and had released a CDs in the past. I condemn the incident at Kotakpura and those culprits should be brought to justice.”

Babbu Mann addressed many comments which were made in the last few days of him not responding to the incident. He said, “I’m like you and was hurt just as much.”

The Kaur exposed how singers are taking advantage of the opportunity to stay active among the public so that they don’t get boycotted.

A Kaur's response to Babbu Mann by dailysikhupdates

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