Kaur Beats Up Harasser on the Center of the Street in Ludhiana

On Jalandhar Bypass Chowk in Ludhiana, a Kaur slapped and pulled a man by the hair who was harassing her. The man is one of the many want to be lovers who pick on girls purposely.


The Kaur brought the man on the center of the road and to eyewitnesses it seemed as if a shooting of a film was taking place. She fearlessly started to slap and pull the man’s hair and soon after a crowd surrounded the scene. The people and police who arrived on the scene started to wonder had occurred.

According to eyewitnesses, the Kaur passes by Ludhiana bypass chowk to go to work early in the morning. 3 men would harass daily but she would ignore them, but few days ago when she was headed home from work and the young men started to touch her.

The Kaur’s anger rose to a high level and she responded by fearlessly taking on 3 men. The Kaur with tremendous courage started to beat up all 3 men at the same time causing 2 of them to run away.

The last one was brutally being beaten by her and she dragged him outside of Gurdwara Sahib near the chowk and made the man realize his mistake. He apologized to her and assured he would never harass any girl ever again.

This incident teaches a lesson that woman shouldn’t be looked upon as weak and should stand their ground when they are picked on.

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