The Karnataka Govt has decided to recognize Lingayat as a separate religion from Hinduism. The Congress led Government is seeking approval form the Centre for the same.

The decision comes as Karnataka is all set to head for the polls next month and many are calling it vote bank politics.

Mohandas Rai from the South said, “A very communal decision by the ‘Secular’ Congress govt. Big Shame, is this what Congress politics is all about? Breaking up the Hindu community because they are peaceful and quiet? This will consolidate Hindu votes against Congress.”

People expressed unhappiness on Twitter over the decision:

Nithin writes, “Mark my words
This is the beginning of downfall of @INCIndia in#Karnataka
Seriously they are dividing hindus so they could divide opinions and votes?
Its like bribing someone they could have better life, only if they accept whats offered
Such shambles of a party#Lingayat.”

The move was made to draw votes away from the BJP which enjoys significant support from the Lingayat community.

Population statistics reveal about 16 percent of the state’s population is from the Lingayat community.

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