2 structures dating back to time of Guru Angad Dev Ji will be preserved in a historical town in Taran Taran district.

A building called old baradari which is a building with 12 doors at Gurdwara Tapiana Sahib which has a well inside the Mata Khivi Langar hall. These two structures were built during the 16th centuries and considered to be heritage structures.

Guru Angad Dev Ji spent most of his time at Gurdwara Khadoor Sahib where he developed the Gurmukhi Alphabet.

Guru Ji also created the “Mal Akhara” which was a wrestling center during the times.

Kar Sewa Baba named Baba Sewa Singh contacted Punjab’s archaeology department to preserve the historical structures. Baba Sewa Singh contacted the department to survey the town for buildings which need preservation.

“Rapid development is destroying the priceless heritage sites that archaeologists must protect by research and implementation of the laws,” Baba Sewa Singh said.

The department has now categorized the buildings as heritage buildings and have determined the type of bricks the 16th century structures were made out of. The brick of the 16th century was Lakhauri brick which is similar to Nanakshahi brick.

The experts have found evidence that Guru Angad Dev Ji spread Sikhi at Baradari and the kitchen is named after Guru Angad Dev Ji’s wife.

Baba Sewa Singh has called the department to identify other historical sites.

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