Kanwar Sandhu responded to PTC coverage of Pinky Cat’s U-turn. Kanwar Sandhu denied all the allegations of Pinky cat against his journalism and stated that

He stated he never gave any script to Pinky and that SSP Virk never had an idea about the interview prior to the release on Youtube. Kanwar Sandhu stated that one can determine whether he pressurized Pinky Cat. He went onto say that if need being he’ll release the unedited tapes for further clarification.

Regarding the notepad, Kanwar Sandhu stated that the notepad was kept because Pinky cat wanted to eventually write a book on his disclosures and it was accidently left at Roma hotel where Pinky picked it up. There is also CCTV footage available of the hotel meeting between Pinky cat and Kanwar Sandhu.

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