Kanhaiya Kumar compared the 2002 killings and the 1984 killings of Sikhs and stated that 1984 was mob led while the other was state sponsored. The comments during a speech caused a media frenzy and outrage among the Sikh community.

He clarified his stance by issuing the following statement:

“I have been misinterpreted and misrepresented yet again. There isn’t an iota of doubt that Emergency represents one of the darkest periods of Indian democracy. My organization AISF strongly opposed and fought against the state repression during Emergency. Both 1984 and 2002 were indeed state led pogroms for which justice is still awaited. The current central government is relentlessly carrying forward its fascist agenda using state power, as visible in the recent authoritarian actions against students and all voices of dissent across the country. What we now witness is unprecedented – a form of undeclared emergency- Kanhaiya Kumar”

Here is the full speech, Fast Forward to 8:31:

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