When KA Sikhs Came to Rescue Shop Owners After Saharanpur Riots

The 2014 Saharanpur Riots occurred on 26th July in the city of Saharanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh, India.

The riots occurred between two communities and left 3 dead with several more injured. Sikhs shops were targeted, looted and then set on fire.

Khalsa Aid provided aid to those victims by renovating and refitting their shops. This short clip includes the stories of some of the individuals we helped.

The volunteers of Khalsa Aid repaired and renovated many shops of Sikhs and other community members in Saharanpur regardless of their religion.

Nearly 5,000 rioters had come and targeted Sikh shops and burnt hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of Sikh property. The riots went largely unknown in media but Sikh groups such as Khalsa Aid provided moral and financial support to the many shop keepers.

The shop owners were very thankful for the efforts of Khalsa Aid.

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