Kiran Pabla became the victim of a road race gone wrong in San Jose, California after she was struck and killed by the cars which pinned her to a tree.

The 2 drivers of the cars appeared in court where both were sentenced. the first driver Manual Maldanado Avalos age 23 was charged with manslaughter and reckless driving. The 2nd driver will receive his sentence at a future hearing.

24 year old Kiran Pabla was out for a jog when suddenly near her home when 2 cars crushed her. Kiran who was an undergraduate for business studies at San Jose, California became the victim of the crash.

The moment one of the killers requested bail at the hearing, the family screamed and tears poured out of their eyes. However, the judge postponed the 2nd driver’s hearing on March 9.

Earlier Update:

Punjabi girl named Kiran Pabla belonging to the San Jose Punjabi community after being struck by a car on the sidewalk. She died instantly on the spot after being pinned against a tree. Two people have been arrested for road racing on Yerba Buena Road, which is known for illegal speeding.

Immediately after the incident, locals ran out to see what happened and found 2 cars crashed into each with Kiran lying next to a tree.

The neighbors have said the road is known for high speeding and they try to avoid even driving on it. The problem was known for quite sometime but officials haven’t done anything to dress the road rage problem.

Relatives identified the victim as Kiran Pabla.

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