Ex Supreme Court Justice Markandey Katju explains how Gandhi was a British Agent. Via Markandey Katju


I regard the true freedom fighters of our country as Surya Sen ( Masterda ), and his other compatriots of the Anushilan Samiti and Jugantar, Bhagat Singh, Khudiram Bose, Chandrashekhar Azad ( whose memorial in Alfred Park in Allahabad I would visit often to bow my head there ), Ashfaqulla, Rajguru, Ram Prasad Bismil ( whose song ‘ Sarfaroshi ki tamanna ab hamaare dil mein hai ‘ is known to many ), etc.


In our national historiography these real patriots are barely mentioned, they are generally relegated to a footnote, and treated as mavericks, deviants or outsiders, not freedom fighters. That fake ‘ Mahatma’ and his coterie, and that pawn of the Japanese fascists, are depicted as the real freedom fighters.

Gandhi described the militant Indian youth fighting against British Imperialism as ‘ misguided souls ‘ . He often said that militant nationalism was injurious to India’s struggle for freedom. In reality he knew that if those methods became popular among the Indian masses his own popularity would decline, and his ‘ Mahatmahood ‘ may disappear.

When the British sentenced Bhagat Singh to death, Gandhi made no effort to save his life. He never wrote any letter to the British Viceroy to commute his sentence , nor did he issue any public appeal for this purpose, and he never went to meet Bhagat Singh in jail when the latter was on hunger strike.

By diverting the genuine freedom struggle against the British from its revolutionary path to harmless and nonsensical channels like satyagrah, Gandhi was ensuring that British rule over India would continue.

It is said that Gandhi gave us Independence in 1947. This is totally false. In fact by diverting the genuine revolutionary independence struggle against the British in India ( see one of my earlier posts ) to harmless and nonsensical channels like ‘ Satyagrah ‘ Gandhi was ensuring that India should not become independent.

Why then did the British leave ? Surely it was not because of the dramas Gandhi was doing ( fasting, salt march, etc ). Does anyone give up an Empire because of this ? Did America win independence from England by satyagrahs, or by bullets fired by George Washington’s Continental Army in the American War of independence ( 1775-1781 ) ? Did Latin America win independence from Spain by satyagrah, or by Bolivar’s battles ?

No, it was because Germany attacked England in the Second World War and considerably weakened it ( in fact Germany would probably have conquered England if America had not helped it ) that England, realizing that she could not continue holding on to India politically, withdrew. So it is not Gandhi who gave us Independence but Adolf Hitler ( though of course that was not his intention )
I have also called ‘ Netaji ‘ Subhas Chandra Bose a Japanese agent, a remark over which many people have got incensed. But If ‘ Netaji ‘ was not a Japanese agent, why did he give up the fight against the British when the Japanese surrendered ? He should have carried on a guerilla war against the British.

If the Japanese had been victorious against the British do you seriously think they would have granted independence to India ? No, they would have made India a Japanese colony, and ruthlessly exploited and looted it, as they did to parts of China which were under their occupation.

In fact Bose was being used by the Japanese, and they would have bumped him off the moment his utility for them was over. He was no doubt a brave and personally honest man, but he had become an agent of Japanese fascist imperialism.
The genuine patriots and revolutionaries, who have been sidelined in our history, were as much victims of the Congress Party, which was firmly in Gandhi’s grip, as of British Imperialism

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