Canadian TV interviews Sikh comedian Jus Reign over the San Francisco airport incident.

Sikh entertainer and comedian Jus Reign was forced to take off his turban at San Francisco area airport. Jus Reign is now the second famous Sikh harassed at an International airport in the same month due to their turbans.

Jus Reign took to twitter to express his outrage:

“So they  made me take off my turban in extra screening or they said I wouldn’t be able to be let through to catch my flight,” he wrote.

Jus Reign was taken into a private screening room without a mirror where the TSA officer forced him to take off his turban. The TSA officer didn’t find anything wrong and forced Jus Reign to walk down the hall to a restroom without his turban on his head.

The incident i similar to what occurred with Waris Ahluwalia in Mexico where poorly trained security staff don’t respect the religious beliefs of passengers.

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