Judge: Murderer of Deputy Dhaliwal Will Likely Get Death Sentence

The Judge arraigned Robert Solis, the man who killed Harris County Deputy Sandeep Singh Dhaliwal, in Harris County court. The bond for Robert Solis was denied due to the judge stating the outcome would be a likely death sentence.

The Defense attorney told the press that Robert Solis through few conversations likely understands the seriousness of the charges.

The shooter was found inside a business about a quarter of a mile from the shooting site. The shooter through the weapon a 45 calibur gun in a garbage bin of the same business parking lot.

The passenger in the shooter’s vehicle was also arrested and the name wasn’t released. Deputies stated the shooter called friends after the shooting Deputy Dhaliwal and wanted to be picked up as he likely thought he’d be arrested.

The shooter appeared nervous inside the business when he was arrested and dashcam footage later revealed the man inside the business was indeed the shooter who killed Deputy Dhaliwal.

The shooter Robert Solis as a criminal past and was wanted for violating parole in 2017.

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