Journalist Slams KS Makhan For Taking Off Kakkars Live

Chandigarh: Following a reaction over his help to Hindi as a binding together language, a Punjabi vocalist has “surrendered his confidence” in Sikhism. Artist KS Makhan made the declaration in a live video on Facebook from inside a gurdwara.

Journalist slammed KS Makhan on a News18 Live video saying that sons of Gurus never lost their Sikhi but due to some people Why KS Makhan became weak and surrendered his Sikhi.

In a passionate message, he said bashing by certain people over his Sikhi swaroop constrained him to make the extraordinary stride. He said in the event that he can’t promote the religion, he reserved no option to hurt its sacredness either.

Makhan further said the Sikh evangelists had connected the language contention with religion. “On the off chance that I state anything, it is legitimately associated with my confidence. Sikh ministers like Ranveer Sahib and Avtar Singh utilize shocking language against me and this damages.” He said he was profoundly harmed that he needed to surrender the five ‘Ks’ of Sikhism — Kesh, Kirpan, Kada, Kachha and Kangha.

Here is the live video where he made the declaration:

KS Makhan’s first TV interview after taking off his Kakkars:

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