A recent interview of the SGPC chief Kirpal Singh Bandnugar by Journalist of ABP Sanjha has received worldwide praise. The Journalist fearlessly did not back down on his questions to the chief which ended up making him end the interview early. The question that was repeatedly put forward was whether Sikhs should have relations with the Dera Sirsa.

The SGPC chief refused to answer the question and wouldn’t comment whether it was appropriate for Sikhs to have relations with the Dera.

SGPC Chief Kirpal Singh Bandunagar responded to the SAD members visiting the Dera Sirsa for election support. Bandunagar stated that he’s formed a 3 member team whose told to provide him of a report of the incident.

Several members of the SAD had visited the Dera to seek election support from the followers of the Dera. The SGPC chief stated that the Akali Dal didn’t seek the support but the Sirsa Dera gave the support. He went onto say that until a full report is submitted he can’t arrive at an opinion.

When asked whether Sikhs should keep relations with the Dera Sirsa, the SGPC Chief chose not to answer the question.

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