Raagi Balbir Singh apology to Sikh community, he stated, “I had not known who I was visiting and found out 5 years later who Ashutosh was.” He said there is a conspiracy against him that was carried on.

Several questions come to mind after Balbir Singh’s apology:

Why were you bowing your head if you don’t know who he was?

Why were you getting apples as Parshad?

It makes completely no sense that there was a conspiracy against him but he went there on purpose.

Another shocking thing is that he was reading the apology. If he was genuinely sorry he would say sorry from words coming from the top of his head to express his feelings of being apologetic.

Rajwant Singh from the USA wrote on social network:

Rajwant Singh:

Apology fell short. All he needed to say is that I am sorry that I failed to understand the deeper meaning of Gurbani and still felt the need to seek solace from other sources. Phir yaad karna …… does not convey that he was taken to ashutosh under some conspiracy. What about Gurbani quoting – bhag hoya gur sant milaya? That is almost to the level of Ram Rai’s misconstrued appeasement. He needs to come clean and share his heartfelt genuine apology rather than this staged act. If you are really sorry you don’t need to have a written statement. Just be humble and express honestly- Guru and Panth will dekh ke andit karega.

The apology is nothing short of a cover up to his ridiculous act that has sent shock waves throughout the Sikh community worldwide.

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