The video shot on February 9 shows a group of students demanding azadi for Kashmir. What might have happened is that somebody might have taken the audio from the video which was shot on February 9 and overlaid it on the video that was shot two days later on February 11, which is why the audio that can be heard is completely different.

A day after reports suggested that the new video of JNU student leader Kanhaiya Kumar which was being circulated on social media and some media channels was fake, more questions on the video continue to arise.

The video of Kanhaiya Kumar, who was arrested on sedition charges, was claimed to be “clinching proof” of Kanhaiya raising seditious slogans in the JNU campus.

The video is widely reported to have been shot on February 11.

In the video, Umar Khalid, who was called by the Delhi Police as the mastermind of the anti-India, pro-Afzal event on February 9 at the university, is seen standing next to Kanhaiya.
video: Aaj Tak

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