Jazzy B’s Response to PM Modi Over Tweet

Jazzy B took to Twitter and responded directly to PM Modi’s tweet on praising Sikhs. Jazzy B, the record breaking Punjabi singer called out cricket players and Bollywood stars after their pro government tweets.

Jazzy B has been passionate about the farmer protests and personally visited Singhu border and even shot a song there. He’s always been extremely active on Twitter, sharing and replying to tweets consistently over the course of the last few months.

Initially PM Modi tweeted:

India is very proud of the contribution of Sikhs. This is a community that has done so much for the nation. The words and blessings of the Guru Sahibs are precious: PM

Jazzy B responded:

“Our gurus gave their lives for this county and you treating our farmers like this they been sitting on roads over 2 months and more than 170 people died and you couldn’t even do single tweet about them ! If you really care for the country you would take those 3 bills back by now.”