Jathedars Victims of Politics, 4 Jathedars Removed by SGPC

An era of history in the Sikh community when the leader of takhts were so powerful that they punished Maharaja Ranjit Singh and Chief Minister of Punjab, Surjit Singh Barnala.

Now, the Takht Jathedars are victims of religious politics and not allowed to have independent thinking and decision making.

The recent decision by the SGPC’s executive committee has upset Sikhs worldwide and even the World Sikh Council has a written a letter opposing the decision. ┬áIn the past, Jathedars were highly regarded and were very powerful, but in recent times due to politics, such high regard has weakened.

The control of political parties of the Sikh Jathedars might prove to be costly as Sikhs have been upset by this notion. This is the first time a Jathedar has openly protested such a decision and hence it’s been highlighted in the public.

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