Jathedar Hurts Sikh Sentiments With Anti-Panthic Comments

Video: Akal Takht Jathedar has hurt Sikh sentiments by calling Sarbat Khalsa as anti-Panthic. He said, “Those groups which call themselves Panthic are calling Sarbat Khalsa. They have no right to call the Sarbat Khalsa because only the Akal Takht Jathedar can do that. Calling a Sarbat Khalsa will cause divisions.”

In reality, any GurSikh has the authority to call Sarbat Khalsa as it’s an institution representing “Sarb Samti.”

On the issue Bhai Baldeep Singh’s comments are of interest.

Some Sikhs are questioning the call for Sarbat Khalsa to be held on November 10, 2015, by a particular person affiliated to a particular party.

Sarbat Khalsa is an institution given to us by the Gurus – a few amongst the Khalsa may be corruptible but not Sarbat, or all (put together)! It is time we not only made an attempt to rediscover this lost institution (Sarbat Khalsa) but to also strengthen it. Sarbat Khalsa gives the power of a call or even recall to even an individual Gur-Sikh or a member of the Khalsa Order. Any Sikh institution may also call for the Sarbat Khalsa to congregate.

The SGPC also commented on the issue:

“None other than the Akal Takht has the authority to call such gathering,” Makkar said in a press release issued on Wednesday.
The SGPC chief maintained that Sarbat Khalsa is called on very rare occasions, especially when an issue or a problem arises that has a bearing on the entire community.

“It is then that the representatives of various Sikh religious organisations and even the ‘quam’ at large get together to take stock of the situation and find a solution that has binding on the entire community,” he added.

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