The Akal Takht Jathedar reiterated the importance of having 4 children per Sikh couple. The Jathedar’s reasoning was a bit shocking as he felt the more children a couple the better disciplined they will be.

In a local newspaper, the Jathedar was quoted saying, “Sikhs have followed the national family planning concept religiously and limited their numbers,” said the jathedar, adding: “We adopted the two-child theory first and single-child idea now. It has done more harm than good to the community. Single children get an overdose of love and affection, which spoils them, eroding human values and family discipline.”

He put further emphasis that a single child is spoiled and pampered and gives a bad name to family, he said “Parents never want to offend their only child, and this affection backfires. The parents who are not strict cannot bring the child back,” referring to the drug issue in Punjab.

Jathedar said back in the days, Sikh families had over 4 children and possibilities of having “good” child were higher. He said, “If one of the four children turns out to be bad, there still are three good ones; but when a single child goes astray, it shatters the family.”

With inputs from HT

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