Jathedar: ” Celebrate Gurpurab During Any of the Two dates” (Video)

Three different Gurpurab Dates

In order to placate any opposition, the Jathedars stated that if anyone wanted to celebrate the Gurpurab on December 28th, they could do so. This gives the possibility that the Sikh Sangat will be observing Guru Sahib’s Parkash Purab on three different dates: December 28th (per Bikrami), January 5th (per NanakShahi), and now January 7th (per the new decision by clergy.)

Takht Sri Patna Sahib management has already stated that they would not adhere to the move and observe the Gurpurab on December 28th, per Bikrami Calendar.

Interestingly, this move will have no effect on how Sikhs celebrate this Gurpurab across Europe and North America, as most of the Sikh Diaspora continues to follow the original Nanakshahi Calendar which set the Gurpurab for the 5th of January every year.

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