Jathedar Announces So Called ‘Committee’ To Review Pardon


Yesterday late into the night, Akaal Takht ‘jathedar’ Gurbachan Singh appeared to have caved under ‘panthic’ pressure regarding the Ram Rahim so called apology letter issue. He announced that a formal committee would now be put together. He said that in the future people ought to send suggestions to this committee – meaning what is done is done. But if we place panthic interests at the forefront then it is clear that the need for such a committee was required before the decision to accept the Dera chief’s apology was issued, not after.

The reason for this committee is clear, they simply want to subdue ‘panthic’ anger. Only time will truly tell whether this feeble attempt to pacify the hurt sentiments of the Sikh Nation is successful or not.

Meanwhile, the general house of the SGPC approved the Akal Takht’s decision despite an overwhelmingly opposition by Sikhs worldwide. The Sikh groups are contending that the pardon was motivated politically and it’s not a decision of the Khalsa Panth but by political leaders of the current ruling party.

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Akal Takht jathedar Giani Gurbachan Singh on Tuesday evening expressed concern over the rejection of the ‘gurmatta’ by a section of the Panth. In a bid to take every section along, he announced to constitute an advisory committee comprising “impartial and learned Sikh intellectuals” to aid and advise the Akal Takht in important cases.

“Sikh social and religious organisations, sects and intellectuals and any other individual belonging to the community can send their views to this committee. This committee, after deliberating at length on viewpoints expressed by members of the community, would then tender its advice (to the Akal Takht),” the statement issued by the jathedar said, without giving a time frame on when the committee would be formed.

The statement did make a mention of the Dera Sacha Sauda case, but did not specify whether the proposed committee would solicit views of the community members on the Takht’s verdict in this case or seek views on important matters that come up before the Takht in the future. Efforts to seek a clarification proved futile as the jathedar had switched off his mobile phones.

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