Chris Gayle scored a record 215 runs against Zimbabwe yesterday during the Cricket World Cup 2015 match at Canberra.

The connection with Jalandhar is that a Jalandhar based company called ‘Spartan Sports Industries’ made the bat Gayle used to score the double century. Reportedly, Gayle got 15 bats made from the company for the cricket world cup.

The owners of the company confirmed that Chris Gayle specially got those bats made from their company and confirmed the bats indeed were their manufacturing.


Gayle had certain specifications he wanted on the bats that would be made according to his height and weight of the bat. The owner said Chris Gayle prefers heavy bats and that their Australia based office signed contract with six players to use their bats.

One of the other players who used the company’s bats includes Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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