During one of the wars between Guru Gobind Singh Ji’s Khalsa and Mughal Troops, a Muslim soldier recounted his observations of a Khalsa warrior.

The soldier approaches his ruler/commander and states his compliments of the Khalsa to his ruler. The ruler gets in shock and doesn’t accept and states his own troop is telling a lie.

The soldier further states he swears to god and the Quran that what he observed about the Khalsa is true. He said when the Singhs shouted the slogan (Jaikare) of the Khalsa, it sent shivers through his body and gave him an instant attack and fell upon hearing the slogan.

While talking about the Khalsa the soldier trembles while explaining the physical strength of the Khalsa. He says the Khalsa is so strong that even after the Khalsa’s head got cut off he still fought with just as much power. He says his voice shakes when talking about the Khalsa as even death trembles before the Khalsa.

When the Singhs come onto the battlefield the soldiers lost their confidence and retreated.

The troop stated:
“suno badshah tujhe singho ki sunao baat
das das fut lambe hath neje jaise khambe
moti moti muchhe hai aur netar hai laal”

Listen King, I come here to tell you about the Sings. My tongue trembles speaking…I swear by god. They are six feet tall and they have thick beards and mustaches, red eyes and hold spears 10ft long and are unmovable. When they strike life departs. I swear that when they attack panic ensues among us. Why should death be afraid.

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