Jagraj Singh of Basics of Sikhi Gets “Sikh Youth Icon 2014” Award

UK’s very own Jagraj Singh of Basics of Sikhi received the “Sikh Youth Icon 2014” award at the annual Sikh Award Shows in Amritsar, India. Jagraj Singh is the founder of the online Youtube Channel “Everythings 13 Basics of Sikhi” and has put out hundreds of videos to educate people about Sikhi.

The success of the online channel has been immense and now the charity “Everythings 13” has 3 parcharaks. The videos are extremely informative and a great source of information for the english speaking youth.

In 2014, Jagraj Singh took parchar to a new level by doing parchar on the street, a first for a parcharak. He came out into the streets of London and other UK cities to do Sikhi parchar to everyday people on the street. These sets of videos became very popular online and that trend of parchar inside gurdwaras was finally broken. He took parchar to a new level and took the message of Guru Nanak and Sikh gurus to people beyond the Sikh faith. He’s the first person to bring the Sikh faith outside of Gurdwaras and now has a very large Sikh youth following.

Jagraj Singh is a Sikh Youth Icon primarily because he connects to the Sikh youth and provides perspective which is easy to understand. Unlike most kathavachaks, Jagraj’s perspective is unique and he speaks in a way that is easy to follow. He has inspired many people to come back to Sikhi and inspired many more to teach Sikhi to others.

Here is an official Message after Basics of Sikhi won the award.
“With Guru’s kirpa and sangats support, the work of Everythings 13 – Basics of Sikhi was recognised at the Sikh Awards in Amritsar this week with your very own Jagraj Singh receiving a “Sikh Youth Icon 2014″ award. This was a great opportunity to appear live on PTC Punjabi and introduce the youtube channel to the wider Indian Audience. Also I got to make first speech in Punjabi which was broadcast on Sikh Channel (to follow soon) and meet with far more amazing Gursikhs like Ravi Singh of Khalsa Aid (Sikh of the Year 2014) Sant Sewa Singh, Bhai Sahib Mohinder Singh and organisations like Akaal Purakh Ki Fauj and Jammu&Kashmir Sikh Professionals. Great to see the new generation of Sikh coming forward to serve the Panth.
Obviously, we took the opportunity to do some Street Parchar in Amritsar too.. so look out for that video too!”

Basics of sikhi2

Basics of Sikhi

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