Sikhnet founder Gurmustak Singh was injured after an accident during a Gatka performance from an Iron ball with spikes. The moment was captured on film when the ball got loose from the Gatka player and went straight into the crowd. The ball with unbelievable amount of momentum struck Gurmustak straight in the legs causing a swollen knee.

“During the Gatka presentation here in patna sahib I was on the other side of the field as this one person used this weapon (20lb Ball of iron with 2 inch spikes on a chain) towards the end of this video the large iron spikes all came off the chain and hurled towards me.

I was adjusting my camera looking down when I felt something smash on to my knee. I looked up not knowing what had happened and people looking at me surprised as well. I got away with a little bleeding and swollen knee.

Let’s just say today was an eventful day (this was just one of the things). At dinner Guruamrit singh showed me that he had recorded this video 🙏 ps. Today also My 18th wedding anniversary celebration of life and a wonderful marriage and family.”

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