A new company called Das Technologies has created the first ever automatic Karah Parshad machine which dispenses Karah Parshad for the sangat automatically. The sensor activated machine was introduced at Gurdwara Fatehgarh Sahib as a way to give parshad to the sangat.

The benefits of the automatic machines is to give Karah Parshad hygienically by avoiding human hands and keeping the parshad nice and warm. The benefits of the machine appear to outweigh any costs particularly due to the ease of getting parshad. The public has responded negatively to the machine on social media. People are outraged as it impact the entire concept of Karah Parshad and they say that connection of getting parshad won’t be the same as one a Gurmukh gives it to their hands folded.

It’ll be interesting to see when the machine gets adopted by other Gurdwaras but the machine received a tremendous response at Fatehgarh Sahib where the number of sangat is much more than other areas.

parshad by dailysikhupdates

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