He saw an injured boy and didn’t hesitate to remove his turban to help stop the bleeding.

Normally the removal of a turban is a large offense but in the time of need humanity was the first priority for Harman Singh and is the essence of Sikhi. After he did this act the local news reported it and soon it became international news going viral on the internet.


Below is a video interview with Harman Singh who’s face his now recognizable the world over.

When asked, “Are you a hero?” Singh responded with a smile, “NO, no, I’m not a hero.” When teased further, “Not a little bit, not even a tiny, tiny little bit??” He continued to smile and reply, “No, no sir.” His sweet smile refusing the hook of fame and pride.

My heart says I have to help- Hero Sikh man… by dailysikhupdates

Via Sikhnet

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