International Support for the Release of Nodeep Kaur Gains Momentum

Who is Nodeep Kaur? Via: Turban Inc.

Nodeep, 24, a Dalit labour rights activist and member of Mazdoor Adhikar Sangathan (MAS), one of the many worker unions protesting with the farmers against the government’s new laws, has been in jail for over 20 days. She was arrested from the Singhu border on 12 January and her bail was rejected on 2 February.

The Quint reported:

“When I went to meet her at Karnal jail a day after she was arrested, she had told me that she was beaten up brutally by male police officers and had injury marks on her private parts. We had immediately asked for a medical test to be done, the report of which will be submitted in court. We still have no clue what happened to that report.”Rajvir Kaur, Nodeep’s Elder Sister

Nodeep was working part-time in a factory in the Kundli industrial area since the lockdown lifted to arrange funds for her future education. This is how she joined the labour union and was actively fighting for unduly withheld wages.

Niece of Kamala Harris tweeted in support of Nodeep after which many international media started to pick up the story.

“The fight is against privatisation and corporatisation of our lands and our factories. Labourers and farmers have to join hands, if they want to win this fight.”
– Nodeep Kaur

Nodeep Kaur hails from a landless Dalit peasant family in Punjab, works in KIA, and as a part of MAS, has been taking up the issues of worker harassment by management, unpaid dues of workers, pending wages and rampant exploitation of women workers. Without unions and representation, the workers are largely working on contract and were not paid wages during the lockdown despite the order of the union home ministry.

Nodeep’s sister Rajveer Kaur has detailed Nodeep’s arrest, detention, and sexual assault by police. Nodeep was targeted and arrested at a protest on Jan 12. info via @equalitylabs

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