Innocent Sikh in Bana Humiliated by Wrong Posts on Facebook

Below is Via Kamaljeet Singh who has clarified on Bhai Lakha Singh

This photo was posted to humiliate this GurSikh Pyara

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“Dhyan deyo please.
This gursikh pyare veer is Bhai Lakha Singh. He is a kirti Sikh who loves wearing Baana and being shastardhari. Often in western countries gursikhs come out all adorned in Baana on nagar kirtans. This photo is of such a day. This was the truth. Now listen to the sad part.
Some fuddu facebook postman id posted bhai sahibs photo claiming this guy is also a upcoming fake baba.
And now this idiot Khalistan Zindabad ID shared the photo claiming bhai sahib calls himself Guru Gobind Singh. This is very saddening, idiotic and lowest level of misuse of social media where reputation and safety of a kirti gursikh is put at risk.
Eho jahe loka nu sharam auni chahidi hai jo eda de photos paake galat caption paunde ne. Aini moorakh ho gayi saadi kaum? Thalle bewkoof loka de comment dekh lo. Chakk do maar do…..besharmo akal karo.
Ki hun Baana pauna vi paap hai?”

This is Bhai Sahib in Nagar Kirtan

Gursikh bana

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