Indians in US Sue Macdonalds Over Beef in French Fries

Vegetarian Indians in the United States are unhappy after learning that Macdonald’s uses beef in their French Fries.  The Indians living in Seattle have filed a lawsuit against the fast food giant for a not telling consumers of the beef product used in flavoring the french fries.

The person who filed the lawsuit Harish Bharti says it’s against the Hindu religion to eat beef and he is filing the lawsuit with 2 other people for the behalf of all vegetarian Hindus.

Back in 1990, Mcdonald’s had claimed they use pure vegetable oil when making the fries but the plaintiffs have stated they found evidence in a company email stating use of beef.

Bharti is upset as he says Mcdonald’s should have been open about the use of beef.  However, Mcdonald’s in a statement said: ‘Never Claimed Fries Were Vegetarian’ They further stated the company provides ingredients of their food to whoever requests.

In the statement, they used the word “miniscule trace” when referring to their beef flavoring and stated no beef fat was used.

These are the ingredients on their website: Potatoes, partially hydrogenated soybean oil, natural flavor, dextrose, sodium acid pyrophosphate [a color preservative]. However, ‘natural flavor’ is not clearly defined as beef flavoring.

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