In a statement issued on Facebook for just 2 minutes and then immediately deleted, Ex Indian Supreme Court Justice Said, “The Congress organized the massacre of thousands of Sikhs in 1984, and this brought sweeping victory to it in the Lok Sabha elections immediately thereafter.”

He went onto say, “So the formula of success is simple: organize massacres, and you will win the elections.”

This statement came from Justice Marjandey Katju last week on his Facebook. Immediately after publishing, hundreds of comments appeared wanting him to remove the post. Justice Katju then removed it but not before the fast editor of a major Sikh news network took screen shots of it.

In the statement, the outspoken Justice Katju criticized the political parties of India stating they’ve won elections due to committing “massacres”. Such statements have never been issued by ┬ámajor Supreme Court Justices in the past and sheds a light on what the elite of India feel about political parties.


Here is the statement:



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