Today, the United States Chief Justice Antonin Scalia passed away causing speculators to predict the next justice to be seated on the 9 Justice bench. Indian American Srinivasan is being highly considered according to sources due to his record unanimous voting decisions by the United States Senate.


Srinivasan was unanimously voted in after being nominated by President Obama to the U.S. Circuit Court Judge position in Washington D.C. Srinivasan was also voted for by presidential candidates Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio. Many see him as a contender for Justice Scalia’s vacant seat.

Sri’s Senate confirmation hearing on April 10, 2013, was uneventful. His nomination was reported to the floor of the Senate on May 16, 2013, by a unanimous vote of 18 ayes to 0 nays. A final Senate vote on his nomination took place on May 23, 2013, where he was confirmed 97-0. This means all the Republicans and Democrats voted “Yes” on his confirmation.

Popular blogger Michael Hodson commented on the potential nomination:

If Obama nominates someone like Sri Srinivasan to the Supreme Court in the next couple weeks and the Republicans refuse to even have hearings and make some effort at confirmation… best single campaign issue the Democrats will have in 2016.

He would be the first Asian American and Indian American judge on that court. He was confirmed for his current appellate court seat in 2013 by a vote of 97-0 and has argued 25 cases in front of the Supreme Court. It is impossible to argue he (or about a dozen others similarly qualified by unanimous and recent Senate approval) isn’t qualified to step right in and assume the duties of the office.

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