This picture is of Vashishtha Narayan Singh one of the the greatest Mathematician alive.


When most of us are striving hard to get a visa for USA this man came back to India in 1972 to serve in academics.

The mathematician who challenged works of Great Scientist Albert Einstein needs our attention.

1961: Passed matriculation from Bihar Board

1961: Admitted to the prestigious Science College, Patna

1963: Went to University of California, Berkley to study Mathematics under Prof. John L. Kelley

1963 – 1969: Pursued special MSc in Mathematics.

1969: Got PhD from University of California, Berkley, USA

1969: Joined NASA as an Associate Scientist Professor in Washington DC, USA

1969 – 1972: Remained in NASA

1972: Returned to India

1972: Joined as a Lecturer in Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Kanpur.

1972 – 1977: Joined as a lecturer in IIT Kanpur, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Bombay and Indian Statistical Institute (ISI), Kolkata.

1977: shows symptom of Mental illness, Schizophrenia, admitted to the mental hospital at Ranchi, then Bihar, now in Jharkhand.

1977 – 1988:under treatment.

1988- Left home without informing anyone.

1988 – 1992: There was no information about him.

1992-(Feb. Month): He was found in a poor condition in Siwan, Bihar.

At Present-Staying at Home,under treatment.

2013 – Lives in complete anonymity with none to care for him.

Can we learn to respect?

Why do we always fail to respect true geniuses ?

[But many don’t know about this extraordinary man because In India, Mathematician live a covert life and are ultimately forgotten because of the ignorance of the Government and the media.
He is neither a celebrity nor a Cricketer !! He is just a poor Ignored Indian Genius who challenged all western Mathematician

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