GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump delivers remarks at the Hindus United Against Terror Bollywood/Tollywood Charity Concert. EDISON, NEW JERSEY

Indian Americans attending the event were hoping Trump would talk about getting green cards faster. A placard was found stating such. Immediately after Trump made his concluding remarks, Shelly an Indian American millionaire reminds Trump to talk about skilled based immigration to which Trump replies, “I’ll talk to you about that later.” It appeared the Indian American was disappointed as most of those attending the event were Indian skill based labor.

Hindu support of Trump went so far ahead that they even photoshopped Trump as a Hindu God revealed in this picture:

A journalist covering the event got an surprise comment from a Tea Party supporter:

Storm on Twitter erupted after Trump stated the Indian Parliament was in Mumbai

Apparently, Trump thinks “Hindu” is a country:

Twitter responded:

Trump stated he’s a big fan of Modi:

Towards the end of the video, Shelly a popular Indian American involved in raising funds for the Trump Campaign reminded Donald Trump of saying something about skill based immigration.

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