Indian Journalist Who Called Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s Hunger Strike a “Lie” and “False” Exposed

In an article published in the Hindustan Times, journalist Pawan Sharma questions Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s hunger strike with false facts that his hunger strike is a “lie” and “fake”. The entire article is bias with absolutely no credible information and which tries to distort Bhai Gurbaksh Singh Khalsa’s image.

Bhai Sahib has been on strike for 44 days now without eating any food, the reason for the hunger strike is for the release of Sikh political prisoners who’ve been behind bars well over their terms.

The journalist falsely tried to justify that Bhai Sahib only lost 4 kg without even knowing the starting and ending weight. The article is a clear shot to defame Bhai Sahib’s image.

Certainly no ordinary human can last 44 days without eating any food, but the spiritually strong can last a very long time without any food. It is the power of blessings and the spirit of Chardi Kala in Sikhi which makes one strong enough to last many weeks without eating any food and this to only few can understand.

A medical doctor from Canada exposes the journalist after repeatedly questioning him of how he arrived at the loss of 4kg number when he didn’t even know the starting and ending weight. The journalist then reveals the number and information was ¬†obtained from Indian Government Agencies and doctors.

See for yourself:

This article was published in the Hindustan Times by Pawan Sharma


This is telephone conversation Exposing the Journalist:

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