“Indian Independence Movement Started By Sikhs” Madan Mohan

Following are quotes by Prominent people of India During the Indian Independence Movement

Sikh Quam has come into existence to fight for freedom. I say it with confidence that because of them India will become a free country soon. (Dada Bhai Narojee, President of Congress)

A country which has martial race like Sikhs cannot be ruled by foreign powers for long. (Bhai Seeta Raameya)

I have found the way to independence. Gurdwaras are free at last. India will become free because of your struggle. (M. K. Gandhi)

I salute to Sikhs who are fighting for independence and are sacrificing for freedom. (Moti Laal Nehru)

Movement of freedom has risen from Guru Ka Bagh which will play a major role to free the country. (Madan Mohan Malveya)

Saka Guru Ka Bagh: Where hundreds of Sikhs were beaten everyday and over 5,000 Sikhs arrested. The Sikhs were peacefully protesting a garden of the Gurdwara to be handed over to them from Mahant Sundar Das. The Mahant and the Government prevented the Sikhs from accessing this peace of land. The Sikhs agitated and launched Morcha/protest to reclaim the land. After a long struggle, the government finally gave in, released the prisoners, and Sikhs gained back the land.

Freedom is everyone’s right. Sikhs are true sons of the country who are fighting for it. (Lala Laajpat Rai)

Sikhs are the toughest of all communities. I believe that the British are devils and God resides in Sikhs. (Dr. Khan Chand Dev)

Sikhs have shown us the way to freedom. Now no one can keep us as slaves for long. We shall be free soon. (Dr. Saifudeen Kichloo)

“…in future, the Congress shall accept no constitution which does not meet with the satisfaction of the Sikhs” (The Lahore session of the Congress Party. December 31, 1929

“…the brave Sikhs of Punjab are entitled to special considerations. I see nothing wrong in an area set up in the North of India wherein, the Sikhs can also experience the glow of freedom.” (Jawahar Lal Nehru, Lahore Bulletin, January 9, 1930)

“I ask you to accept my word and the Resolution of the Congress that it will not betray a single individual much less a community. Let God be the witness of the bond that binds me and the Congress with you (the Sikhs). When pressed further Gandhi said that Sikhs would be justified in drawing their swords out of the scabbards as Guru Gobind Singh had asked them to, if Congress would renege on its commitment.” (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, Young India, March 19, 1931)


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