In an interview with Rajoana TV, former Indian Express Journalist Sanjay Suri talks about what he didn’t report in 1984.

“As a journalist with The Indian Express, Sanjay Suri experienced the horror of the 1984 anti-Sikh violence from close quarters. He was witness to a Congress MP demanding the release of party men arrested for their involvement in the killings; he had a narrow escape from a politically instigated attack; and he confronted several leaders from the party with hard facts and questions, including Kamal Nath and Rajiv Gandhi. He appeared before the commissions of inquiry to give evidence, but much of what he saw and knew got diluted and reduced to legalese.” From Book 1984 The Anti-Sikh Violence and After

The Journalist has written the book ‘1984 The Anti-Sikh Violence and After’ and stated that their can still be case against the Delhi Police.

He Told the Indian Express:

β€œAnd to begin this prosecution you do not need another commission, another inquiry, or even further investigation. Two sets of records exist; one that shows what the police were aware of, and the second what they did – or mostly did not – in the face of what they knew of a developing law and order situation that demanded their intervention. These two sets of records taken together add up in themselves to cases for prosecution of the police. What has been lacking so far is the will to act, not the material to act upon. The book sets out to anchor general talk into a legal framework,” says Sanjay.

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