Indian border guards today frustrated an attempt by Chinese soldiers to enter Indian territory along the banks of famous Pangong lake in Ladakh resulting in stone pelting that caused minor injuries to people on both sides.

Amid weeks long standoff between Chinese troops and Indian Army at Doklam, Chinese troops reportedly clashed with Indian Jawans in Ladakh. The incident took place near banks of the Pangong Lake, two thirds of which is controlled by China. According to reports, about 15 Chinese soldiers had crossed into Indian territory and they refused to retreat. Later the scuffle resulted in stones pelting by both sides. Two Jawans have been injured in stones attack.

The stand-off between the Indian and the Chinese troops at the India-China-Bhutan tri-junction in Doklam further intensified after incidents of stone-pelting were reported from the Pangong Lake region on Tuesday

Recent fight video:

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